Survey on Home Cleaning Service – Mumbai

Who gives best residence cleaning solution in Mumbai?

Do you want to know the “name of the best cleaning company of Mumbai” for residential cleaning service? We conducted a small online survey via Facebook, to know the answers. In addition, we conducted some face to face interviews for better understanding. The understanding of home cleaning services & the result of our survey is given below.

Why we need professional house cleaning services?

In Mumbai, people are always busy, and maximum of them depends on the unskilled domestic helpers. We all know how they perform their job. And, how they trouble us. Thus, we need professional home cleaning service, to clean our property top to bottom, at least once in a year. It will help us to maintain the hygiene at our home.

In addition, professional residential cleaning is important in medical cases, or you have a baby or parents at your home.

What is included in House Cleaning Services?

The list of the services included in deep cleaning of house is given below:

  • Doors and Window Cleaning (including sliding tracks, window grills, and mosquito nets).
  • Cleaning of all fans, lights, and switch-boards.
  • Floor cleaning (Wet floor cleaning by moving the furniture, and floor scrubbing if required).
  • Dry cleaning (by using high-pressure vacuum cleaner) and wet mopping of all the upholstery and major electrical appliances.
  • Kitchen cleaning (including inside and outside cleaning of kitchen cabinets).
  • Washroom cleaning (Cleaning of all the fittings and floor of Toilet & Bathrooms)
  • Balcony or dry area cleaning.

What is not included in deep house cleaning service?

Few services are not included in home cleaning service. However, you can opt them too. Cleaning companies do have packages for these services, but they will charge you extra for them. The list of such services are given below:

List of additional services, which you can get by paying additional charges.

Optional Service List
  • Wet wall cleaning service (possible only on washable walls only).
  • Sofa Shampoo, Mattress Shampoo, and Carpet Shampoo services.

What are the Rates for the Residential Cleaning Services?

Rates for the home cleaning service is variable, and different companies have different pricing policies. Thus, to know the residence cleaning rates, you will need to visit their respective websites or need to call them.

Whom to Contact to get the best cleaning service in Mumbai?

Basically, there are two types of companies are present now days. First is, aggregators and second is actual service providers (reputed housekeeping companies).

Moreover, the job of the aggregator is to give you the service with the help of their vendors. In return, they charge amount (in percentage) from their vendors. This model is suspicious, as the aggregator is totally depends on their vendors. They just have an option to collect the ratings for their service. However, to get maximum business, many aggregators do manipulate the ratings in their website. In addition, if any vendor got many negative ratings, he has an option to re-register with fresh name. Thus, try to avoid this model.

For better result, always contact actual housekeeping companies. They are giving their services under their own brand name. In addition, to save their brand identity, and to secure best rating, they really work hard.

94% of users are not happy with aggregator based model. 4% of users are not happy with actual housekeeping companies.

Survey conducted during 2018-2019.

Best Company for Home Cleaning Service – 2018-2019

Best Home Cleaning Company Mumbai
Best Housekeeping and Home Cleaning Company Award 2019

During our survey, we found that, maximum numbers of satisfied users, are those, who opted home cleaning service from Infinite Xtensions (

92% of their clients rated them 5/5, and 6% rated them 4/5. Thus, based on our survey conducted during 2018-2019, we announced them best cleaning service provider of Mumbai.

Best Cleaning Service Providers in Mumbai
Best Cleaning Service Providers in Mumbai
Declaration: Survey is conducted by our team on various social platforms, and the result is based on user experiences.