Mumbai Airport to Pune Taxi Service – Read This For Best Traveling Experience

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Why Taxi Service for Mumbai Airport to Pune?

Mumbai Airport to Pune Taxi service will be the most convenient way for you. Read this article to know the reasons…


Want to Travel by Bus? Read it first…

Because, the distance between the Mumbai Airport and Pune is approximately 158 kilometers. Thus, the road network is the best and fasanother-test way to cover this distance, even better than travel by flight. There are many transportation mediums are present for road transportation. Buses run under state transportation authority and privet tour operators are the cheapest way to travel from Mumbai Airport to Pune. But, unfortunately, it is not convenient at all. In addition, traveling in a bus will take around 6 hours plus to finish the trip. Thus, I am not going to recommend this option. Mumbai Airport to Pune Taxi Service

Shared Cab, or Full Privet Taxi on Rent for Mumbai Pune Trip?

The second option is shared cab or taxi. It will cost you approx. Rs. 250/- to Rs. 850/- for Mumbai International/Domestic Airport to Pune drop. Even sometimes charges goes up to Rs. 1100 per person. The rates or charges of shared taxi is totally depends on demand and supply, and fluctuate similar to the share market.

The third option is, rent a private taxi or a cab from Mumbai Airport to Pune journey. It will cost you Rs. 1750 to Rs. 2850 (Depends on the distance of your destination from the Airport) + road taxes and GST.

Thus, it is clear that if you are traveling alone, then shared taxi is cheaper option. But it is not convenient as you will have to compromise your privacy and need to share your space. On the other hand, renting a full taxi or cab for Mumbai Airport to Pune is more convenient and it will save your time as well.


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