Home Cleaning Service in Pune

Demand for professional Home cleaning service in Pune is a new trend in the city. Residents of Pune are getting aware about the hygiene at their residence. Even now a days doctors are suggesting to hire cleaning professionals once in a year to keep up the health of the family and property.

Home Cleaning Service in Pune

Moreover, it’s a best practice to hire a cleaning company to clean your flat once in a year. However, it is important to select the right housekeeping company to get the best result.

Although, before making any decision, it is important for you to know about the deep cleaning service. Thus, If you are interested to know more, keep reading…

What is Deep Cleaning Service?

Deep Cleaning is a concept of top to bottom cleaning of any residential or commercial property. This service includes the following tasks:

Deep Cleaning Service Pune

  1. Cleaning of doors and windows
  2. Sliding tracks on the doors and window cleaning
  3. Cleaning of the mosquito nets installed in the doors and windows
  4. Cleaning of the door and window grills.
  5. Fan, tube-lights, bulbs, switchboard cleaning
  6. Cleaning of the entire floor of the property, including balcony and washroom areas
  7. Cleaning of the entire kitchen, including inside and outside cleaning of kitchen
  8. racks, and modular kitchen cabinets
  9. Dusting and Vacuuming of major electrical appliances and furnitures.

You can also include some added services during the flat cleaning process. These services are:

  1. Sofa Shampoo Service
  2. Mattress Shampoo Service
  3. Pest Control Service
  4. Carpet Shampoo Service
  5. Wet wall wash service
  6. Floor scrubbing service
  7. Wooden floor buffing service
  8. Marble floor buffing service.

General Procedure to Execute Deep Cleaning Task

Generally, housekeeping companies offer packages for flat cleaning service. In which they include janitor charges, machine charges, cleaning chemical charges, and cleaning consumable charges, and transportation charges.

Moreover, once you book the slot, cleaning companies send their team with cleaning kit. The team size depends on the property type. For 1 BHK flat, the team size will be 2 to 3 janitors. For the cleaning of two and three BHK flat, 3 or 4 expert janitors are enough to complete the task in a day.

Deep Cleaning Service Charges

Deep Cleaning charges are starting from Rs.3000. And, this is the most controversial part of the housekeeping business.

The suspicious part of the home cleaning business

To get the business, cleaning agencies tried to keep their charges low or offer heavy discounts.
Many online aggregators (IT companies) are offering low-cost cleaning service in Pune. Most of their offices are located in other cities.

These companies do not have any practical knowledge about housekeeping activities, and cleaning chemicals. Thus, they are totally depends on their local channel partners.

IT companies transfer their leads to their local cleaning agencies, and get 25 to 30 percent commission. In that scenario, local cleaning agencies using substandard chemicals (reused chemicals) and consumables to gain some extra profit.

Select the best housekeeping company of Pune

In such cases, you may get the cleaning service at low rates, but unknowingly you are inviting harmful bacteria at your home. Thus, to avoid it, you will need to research more. If you do not have enough knowledge or time, keep reading…

How to Select the Right Home Cleaning Service Provider

If you are in the metro like Pune, then you may contact the local and professional housekeeping company. These companies are well equipped with cleaning machines, chemicals and consumables. In addition, these companies do not want to spoil their brand name. Thus they enroll full-time reliable employees, so that you can trust them for reliable and safe deep cleaning services.

Our Recommendation

Best Cleaning Company is Infinite Xtensions

You can try Infinite Xtensions. This is the Pune based housekeeping company. In addition, their record of home cleaning service is excellent till date. Many of our local sources tried their service, and recommended their name to our editorial team.

However, do not expect any discount from them. To keep up their standard in service, they will refuse your discount request without giving any second thought. Thus, if you afford to pay the rates given below to clean your flat or property, then only dare to contact them…

Property Type Deep Cleaning
1BHK Flat
(Up to 600 sq. feet)
2BHK Flat
(Up to 900 sq. feet)
3BHK Flat
(Up to 1400 sq. feet)
4BHK Flat
(Up to 1800 sq. feet)
Official Website: deepcleanpune.com
Office Address: A-5, Vishal Hermes, Lane No 7, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001
Contact Number: +91-9975708557
eMail I'd: deepcleanpune@gmail.com