Home Cleaning Service in Pune – Which is the Best Company…

Are you searching for the best house cleaning company for the cleaning of your home deeply? Here you can get the answer about everything…

What is Deep Cleaning?

Home Cleaning Service in Pune

Cleaning Service in Pune

Deep cleaning is a term which is used for the top to bottom cleaning of any premises. It is also used for the sanitization service. This service is very important to opt once in a year. It will help you to maintain the complete hygiene at your residence. Even, now a days doctors also advise to hire professional cleaners once in a year.

What is included in Deep Cleaning Service?

In deep cleaning service, the following processes are included:

  • Cleaning of doors and windows
  • Cleaning of sliding tracks of doors and windows
  • Dusting, mopping and washing of floors.
  • Manual or machine floor scrubbing in affected areas.
  • Kitchen cleaning (including internal and external cleaning of kitchen racks, cabinets and modular kitchen trolleys)
  • Washroom or Toilet cleaning service (including the cleaning of toilet pots, wash basin, taps and mirrors)
  • Dusting and manual wiping of balcony area.

If the flat is furnished, than the dusting and vacuuming of all the major furniture, and electrical appliances are also included (It will cost you extra.)

List of other additional services (optional), which you can opt during the deep cleaning process:

  • Sofa Shampoo Service
  • Mattress Shampoo Service
  • Carpet cleaning or carpet shampoo services
  • Wet wall cleaning service (possible only on washable wall paints)
  • Entire floor scrubbing with the professional floor scrubbing machine.
  • Pest Control Service.

Which is the Professional and Local Housekeeping Company providing home cleaning service in Pune and PCMC?

Infinite Xtensions is the brand in which you can trust. This is a Pune based housekeeping service provider. Thus, they have trained cleaning staff to professionally clean your entire flat and row-house. In addition, this company is well equipped with all the cleaning machines required during the cleaning. Therefore, if you want to clean your residence completely, you must contact Infinite Xtensions.

Official Website: http://deepcleanpune.com
Contact Number: +91-9975708557