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Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Home cleaning service concept is quite new in India. Thus, for the most of us, it’s a first time experience. Therefore, it is important to know about the deep cleaning services, and how to select the best housekeeping company.

What is Professional Home Cleaning Service?

Moreover, professional house cleaning or deep cleaning service is a concept in which cleaning professionals visit at your property with required machines, chemicals and cleaning materials.

In addition, these cleaning teams should be professional and experienced enough to clean your property from top to bottom. However, the duration and rates for the home cleaning service is depends on the property type, and service providers. Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Services included in the Deep Cleaning Service

  1. Cleaning of all the doors and windows installed in the property.
  2. Cleaning of the sliding tracks of the installed doors and windows.
  3. Mosquito nets, window gill cleaning is included.
  4. Installed fans, light fittings, switchboards do included.
  5. Complete cleaning of floors by moving the furniture and major electrical appliances.
  6. Inside and Outside cleaning of the kitchen cabinets or kitchen racks.
  7. Cleaning of the chimney areas and cooking areas to remove the stains of the oil.
  8. Complete washroom cleaning, including pot, taps, mirror partitions etc.


Moreover, professional home cleaning or deep cleaning is the process, in which janitors clean the entire property from top to bottom. However, some services are optional, and you have the option to add them in your cleaning package.

The list of optional services are given below:

  1. Sofa Shampoo Service
  2. Mattress Shampoo Service
  3. Carpet Shampoo Service
  4. Wet wall mopping service (possible only on washable paints).

Top Cleaning Company of Bangalore

Infinite Xtensions

Infinite Xtensions Cleaning Service in Bangalore

 Infinite Xtensions is the name which offers professional deep cleaning service in Bangalore. They have their own in-house team. Thus, unlike other companies, they have better control in their team. In addition, as the employees are working full time with them, and verified, thus they are reliable too. Moreover, they are taking the responsibility of their service. Thus, you can trust them. And most important they are open to listen the complain and capable to resolve it. Thus, this time, if you are planning to hire the professional cleaners to clean your residence single time, must contact Deep Clean Bangalore.