Survey on Home Cleaning Service – Mumbai

Who gives best residence cleaning solution in Mumbai? Do you want to know the “name of the best cleaning company of Mumbai” for residential cleaning service? We conducted a small online survey via Facebook, to know the answers. In addition, we conducted some face to face interviews for better understanding. The understanding of home cleaning services & the result of […]

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Best Clear Water Beach in India

Tarkarli is one of the best beach destination located in India. This tourist place located in western part of the Maharashtra. It has white sand beaches, Cristal Clear Sea Water, nearby group of small islands. In addition, in Tarkali, you can enjoy water sports too. Moreover, Tarkarli is not much famous tourist destination. However, it is more beautiful than the […]

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Best Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore – API NEWS

Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Home cleaning service concept is quite new in India. Thus, for the most of us, it’s a first time experience. Therefore, it is important to know about the deep cleaning services, and how to select the best housekeeping company. What is Professional Home Cleaning Service? Moreover, professional house cleaning or deep cleaning service is a concept in which cleaning professionals […]

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Corporate and Industrial Catering Service in Pune, PcMc, Talegaon and Chakan

It was tough to find the right catering service provider for corporate companies and industrial units. But now, Infinite Xtensions and services makes it easy for you. With the help of experienced and professional catering team, they are offering industrial catering in Pune, PCMC, Talegaon, Chakan and all the MIDC areas of Maharashtra. For Corporate and Industrial Catering in Pune, […]

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Home Cleaning Service in Pune

Demand for professional Home cleaning service in Pune is a new trend in the city. Residents of Pune are getting aware about the hygiene at their residence. Even now a days doctors are suggesting to hire cleaning professionals once in a year to keep up the health of the family and property. Moreover, it’s a best practice to hire a […]

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Car Rental Mumbai Pune – An Emerging Business Challenging OLA and UBER

Car Rental Mumbai Pune – An emerging business which is giving a tough fight to the existing top car rental companies. The business model of CRMP is simple and traditional. They accept the booking for Mumbai-Pune taxi service on the phone, and offer postpaid service. In addition, unlike app based aggregators, their booking agents are directly entertaining their passengers, and […]

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